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Why Choose Us?

✅ Efficiency:
We do not compromise on efficiency and the satisfaction of our customers. We make certain that no time is wasted in getting your belongings from destination to destination while ensuring their security. All our vehicles are equipped with real-time GPS tracking and online cameras for us to ensure live monitoring.

Our team has been well trained to pack, load, and unload all items in a safe and secure process. Our skillset allows us to execute a smooth transfer each time.

Intercity Moves:
We also handle intercity moves across Ontario and Quebec. MPR Movers has the adept manpower and necessary equipment to handle long-distance moves of any size.

End to End Services:
We can offer full service from professional packing and transportation to unpacking at the destination.

Our dispatchers and movers have the requisite training and knowledge to go over every detail of your relocation to ascertain your exact moving needs and thus offer you a customized solution that meets your needs.

Our movers are professionally trained in safe loading and unloading. No matter how well you pack them, improper loading can damage your items. We strategically organize to ensure everything is placed safely to handle the travel.

Proper Equipment:
All our equipment is clean, reliable, modern, and in good condition. This comprises dollies, hand trucks, blankets, and all our packing supplies. Each of our trucks comes with strong lift gates or ramps.

Transparent Pricing:
Unlike many others in this industry, we do not play with hidden fees. There is no catch when you hire us, we are upfront and transparent about pricing. You will never be hit with any hidden or extra fees after you sign us on.

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