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Moving all or part of your business can be an enormous drag on your time and attention. Let MPR Movers handle this undertaking for you, allowing you to continue your work activities.

Call us to meet with you to delve into the nature and size of your move as well as any specific needs you have and create the best solution to minimize interruption and impact for your business.

Be wary of any movers that do not have properly trained and insured staff, thus creating an entirely unnecessary reputation and liability exposure for your business during the course of the move.

Corporate Relocation - MPR Movers

Offices offer a different set of requirements for a successful move. Whether it is a simple move of desks, chairs, and computers or it involves moving entire cubicles and other heavy equipment; MPR Movers has the movers for the job.


Whether you are moving from one floor to another within the same building or from one city to another; MPR Movers has the tools, equipment, and expertise to handle your move with minimal disruption to your regular activities.

Our Corporate Relocation Services include:

Using a long distance moving company located in Mississauga allows for an accurate quote as we’re able to come to you and quote based on the items to be moved and your specific needs. If you hire MPR Mover you’ll also benefit from:

Moving Sensitive Equipment

We bring dedicated attention to moving sensitive material, including IT equipment and files.

Dismantling and Assembly of Furniture

We can disassemble and set up the furniture items for you.

Safely Transporting Large Items

There may be large items that cannot be broken down – like copy machines, large printers, or desks. Let us carry those for you.

Setup of Electronics

We can place and connect computers and other electronics to leave your office ready for your use.