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If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable moving company, MPR Movers has a simple and transparent pricing structure. With no hidden fees, you can easily manage the cost of your move to best suit your preferences and budget. Learn more about our pricing and services here.

Our price structure is simply based on an hourly rate.

The per-hour model is ideal because:

❇️ It is easy for you to understand
❇️ There are no hidden fees
❇️ You can manage the cost as best suits your preferences
❇️ It removes subjectivity.

For special circumstances, we will be happy to give you a customized quote to meet your requirements.

Packing + Material - MPR Movers

Packing + Material

As per the Purchase Invoice

MPR Movers - One mover with a truck

One Mover with a Truck

From C$ 110 per hour

MPR Movers - Two movers with a truck

Two Movers with a Truck

From C$ 140 per hour

MPR Movers - Three movers with a truck

Three Movers with a Truck

From C$ 170 per hour

MPR Movers - Four movers with two truck

Four Movers with Two Trucks

From C$ 220 per hour

Storage - MPR Movers


From C$ 1 per sq ft per week

Additional Mover - MPR Movers

Additional Mover

C$ 40 per hour

Additional Truck - MPR Movers

Additional Truck

C$ 60 per hour