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Our price structure is simply based on an hourly rate.
The per-hour model is ideal because:
❇️ It is easy for you to understand
❇️ There are no hidden fees
❇️ You can manage the cost as best suits your preferences
❇️ It removes subjectivity.
For special circumstances, we will be happy to give you a customized quote to meet your requirements.

Packing + Material - MPR Movers

Packing + Material

As per the Purchase Invoice

MPR Movers - One mover with a truck

One Mover with a Truck

From C$ 110 per hour

MPR Movers - Two movers with a truck

Two Movers with a Truck

From C$ 140 per hour

MPR Movers - Three movers with a truck

Three Movers with a Truck

From C$ 170 per hour

MPR Movers - Four movers with two truck

Four Movers with Two Trucks

From C$ 220 per hour

Storage - MPR Movers


From C$ 1 per sq ft per week

Additional Mover - MPR Movers

Additional Mover

C$ 40 per hour

Additional Truck - MPR Movers

Additional Truck

C$ 60 per hour