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Can I move high value items?

Such items include any article that is irreplaceable, sentimentally valuable to you, or small but very expensive. We recommend that you carry such items with you during a move. Here are some valuable items you should pack and move on your own during any relocation:

  • Birth certificates, passports, and other forms of identification
  • Medications
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Collectible items (stamp or coin collections)
  • Photos
  • Watches
  • Sentimental items
  • Personal electronics
  • Important documents

*In the moving industry, we deem items of extraordinary value to be an item worth over $5,000, or worth over C$125.00 per pound.

Can I rent storage space?

Yes, we can provide you or your businesses with a safe and secure rental warehouse storage space. We can offer temporary, short-term, and long-term storage options.

Can you help me pack for my move?

Yes, you can hire our professional packers to reduce your labor burden. Our professional salespeople can help you make decisions about the packing services you need.

Can you help disassemble furniture?

Yes. However, please note that if you choose to have the moving crews disassemble and reassemble your furniture, it will add extra time to your move. Thus, it may end up costing you more money than if you do this yourself.

It is best to notify us beforehand if you have a particular piece of furniture that requires disassembly and assembly. When items are taken apart, please be sure to place small parts into a bag to keep them together for future use.

Do you offer moving boxes and packing products?

Yes, you can buy your moving supplies from us. We can provide you with the moving products and services for all your local move needs. Our supplies are professionally made for moving and, therefore, render moving your items safer. 

How far in advance should I book my move?

The earlier the better. When you schedule and book your move early, you have a better chance to secure the exact moving date(s) you require. Also, it allows you to plan and handle your move with less stress.

What is an in-home estimate?

An in-home estimate involves a site visit for a visual assessment of the items you are moving. It allows a moving company to provide you with a more accurate estimate. In addition to estimating the volume of items you are moving, our estimator will discuss your move details with you – such as dates, packing services, moving services, moving options, any special requirements and more.

When and how do I pay for my move?

You need to pay for your move prior to the completion of delivery. Any other payment arrangements must be agreed upon with us in advance. 

If you are paying by cash on the day of the move, then the team leader of the moving crew will collect the payment from you. You are expected to pay movers before they unload the moving truck at your destination.

Do you charge for a minimum number of hours?

Yes. There is a minimum charge for three hours for any assignment.

Can you move plants?

Yes, if they will fit within the truck. Please note that we are not arborists and if your plants need any special circumstances -temperature, handling, etc.- for transportation, you are advised to consult relevant specialists for counsel.

What size boxes I need for packing?

It depends. The good thing is that boxes come in a huge variety and you can always find what best suits your need. Some common types of boxes are as follows:  

  • 2-cube (2x2x2’): This is the most common-sized box. It is normally used for heavier items such as books. The heavier and more compact an item, the smaller the box you should use. 
  • 4-cube (4x4x4’): This is good for lightweight items such as linens and clothes, or for unusual shapes like kitchen appliances, lamps, etc.
  • TV box: This will help you keep your TV safe during the move.
  • Picture box: You will use this for artwork, mirrors, and other slim and delicate items.
  • Dish barrels (and inserts): These are used to pack dishes and other fragile kitchen items.
  • Wardrobe box: These offer a convenient way to transport clothes. The box includes a hanging bar for you to simply transfer your clothes on hangers to the box. They arrive ready to move into your new closet.