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It happens to us all; junk continues to pile up in our home and office until we begin to feel really cluttered. The thought of removing junk allowed to build up over years engenders further anxiety. Do not worry, MPR Movers is your solution for removing junk and clutter and simplifying your life.

Junk-Removal - MPR Movers

Our junk removal and haul away service is professional, affordable, and quick. After hauling your items, we donate what we can, recycle what can be recycled, and dispose of the rest that needs to be jettisoned. Choose us to get responsive and dependable service from trained professionals.

Junk-Removal - MPR Movers

All you need to do is to contact us and we will work around your schedule to stop by and remove the items you no longer want. We offer upfront pricing with no hidden charges.
We remove anything from old above-ground hot tubs, refrigerators or appliances, mattresses, BBQ Grills, water heaters, and most other things.

Our Junk Removal Services Includes:

Using a long distance moving company located in Mississauga allows for an accurate quote as we’re able to come to you and quote based on the items to be moved and your specific needs. If you hire MPR Mover you’ll also benefit from:

Regular Junk

We remove any unwanted items at your home or office, while you watch and point out to us what you want gone.


Furniture items are usually big and heavy and, therefore, more complicated to get rid of. The labor is high and there is significant risk of collateral damage. You can count on us for professional help to safely remove and correctly dispose of your unwelcome home and office furniture.


While getting a new appliance is gratifying, you still need to get rid of the old one it replaced. We can help you do it properly by ensuring all your appliances are correctly recycled and processed and not dumped in landfills.


Fast advancing technology now renders devices obsolete every now often. That results in a significant amount of electronic waste to be disposed of. MPR Movers is here for removing your electronic waste and recycling or disposing of the items correctly.


We all know mattresses are not only bulky but also hard to get rid of. They cannot be left on the sidewalks and, in any case, are not picked up by your regular garbage company. They do not fit in most cars and SUVs. So, what do you do? Simple, just contact MPR Movers and we will take care of the removal and will transport your mattress for proper recycling.


We remove and dispose of all kinds of old carpets and rugs from your home, office, or any other premises.