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Essential Supplies for Your Move in 2022

Essential Supplies for Your Move in 2022

Relocating is a long process that starts months before the moving date. Are you sure you are ready for the move? Do you have all the right moving supplies you might need for the move in 2022? It is not just about boxes and tapes – there is an extensive list of supplies you need to have at hand when you move. This article will walk you through the checklist of some of the most important moving supplies you should have weeks before you move.

Boxes and cartons

Starting with the obvious, yet the most important item you will need. Boxes are used to pack your valuable items at the time of your move. Therefore, ensure that you have plenty of boxes readily available. It is, luckily, simple to find boxes.

You can ask around from friends and family to let you have the extra boxes they have around. Some stores keep boxes for recycling purposes, so keep them in your list of places you can get cost-free boxes from.


Moreover, it is also convenient to just buy the boxes you need. You can look for different sizes according to your requirements and can check out the quality for yourself before you buy. Large boxes will be great for containing most of your belongings, but ensure that you get smaller-sized boxes to put smaller items in. Try not to over-pack a box.

Typically, cardboard boxes will be the best choice at a store. Otherwise, it is also possible to rent moving boxes that are plastic-made.


Another obvious item: packing tape. If you are moving for the first time, you may want to note that this is no ordinary tape that we are talking about, such as scotch tape or masking tape. This is packing tape and it is specifically made for packing boxes.


It will make certain that your boxes are securely packed and will not leak your supplies out in a couple of hours. You will require a lot of this high-quality tape, so ensure that you have more than enough of its supply at hand. While you are at it, get some scissors and a box cutter to help you unpack too. If you have it available at home already, great!

Plastic bags or Ziploc bags

Especially used for moving the cords of electronics, Ziploc bags are perfect to ensure your essential cords stay in one place. It is easy to label the plastic bags as well; therefore, you will find it convenient to differentiate between all cords when it is time to unpack at your new place.

You may also want to put the tiny screws to your disassembled furniture in these plastic bags. Even if you forget to label them, you can even write “forgot to label these,” so that later on; you can brainstorm to find out where it belongs. This will help you stay organized amidst a stressful move.

Permanent marker

You may want to attach a label to each one of your plastic bags to differentiate between the similar-looking bags at hand. For that, you will need a permanent marker.

Ensure that you get it in a dark color that can be seen easily on a transparent plastic bag, for example, black or dark brown. Colors such as white and yellow may not stand out as much.


Permanent markers will also come in handy when you need to label the boxes you packed. Labels such as ‘kitchen’, ‘toiletries, and ‘fragile’ will save you a lot of time later on.

For an even more hassle-free move, you can make a list of all the items that are in the packed box. This may be time-consuming, but you will thank yourself when you are left to unpack.

Bubble wrap

Moving fragile items will require you to handle them with care and attention. These items include dinner sets, cutlery sets, vases, decoration pieces, and mirrors. Without a layer of bubble wrap protecting them, fragile items are at risk of getting broken during the move.

Pack your valuable, fragile items with bubble wrap so that you remember to move them with care.


You can ask your friends and family to save you that bubble wrap they got when they ordered something. You can also go to your local stores to buy bubble wrap in sufficient quantity.

In some cases, you can also use newspaper or packing paper inside your boxes to fill up empty spaces and restrict the movement of items. If you do not wish to spend extra dollars on that, then no worries, because you can also use sheets or blankets for the same purpose.

Garbage bags

No, it is not because you want to move with your trash. Trash bags are a great way to keep your soft items secure. Items such as stuffed toys, pillows, and cushions can easily fit inside a big trash bag. In case you are running short on boxes or simply wish to cut down the cost of boxes, you can utilize trash bags as you please.


Toolbox for dismantling

If you have contacted MPR Movers, you do not need to worry about getting a toolbox. Every professional moving company will ensure that they come prepared to disassemble your furniture.

However, if you wish to do the stressful parts of the move yourself; you should make sure you have a toolbox at hand. Magnetic heads for tools are convenient to use as the tiny screws will stick to its head for you to take them off and keep in a Ziploc bag.



If you desire to not hire professional movers, we suggest that you at least rent dollies from one. Buying dollies will be far more expensive. Renting will allow you to get the finest quality dollies for the period you decide.


As you will probably need to move loads of heavy furniture up and down the stairs, use dollies to make the task easier. Call a friend to help you move the heavy furniture. Ensure that you have gone through the instructions carefully to avoid injuries.


Moving heavy furniture is a tough task as it is, but what makes it even tougher is an injured hand. To prevent any injuries, make sure that you put gloves on before you move your furniture. From your house to the truck to the new house – you will need a whole workforce to help you out with this.


Rental truck

You cannot fit all of the belongings that you need to move inside your car. What you will need is a truck. Now, you decide to either rent a truck or hire professional movers so that you do not have to worry about this.


Just like MPR Movers, every professional moving company comes with their trucks that will be used to load your furniture in. It will make the process simpler for you, but if you wish to save yourself a few dollars there, you will need to spend on hiring a rental truck. For this particular reason, we recommend hiring professionals as they know the work better and are better equipped too.

Furniture covers

Furniture covers are made to protect furniture against damage brought about by weather conditions such as rainfall, snowfall, wind, and excessive heat. If you wish to preserve the beauty of your furniture and want it to last long, ensure that you keep furniture covers at hand at the time of moving. Typically, a moving company will remind you of this step when it is time to move heavy furniture that cannot be dismantled.


Furniture pads

Utilize furniture pads to safeguard your larger items. Putting a furniture pad over your movable wardrobe can mark the difference between preserved and rusted furniture.

Furniture pads are available at nearly every local store around you. However, it is advisable to just rent them instead. Alternatively, if you have contacted professional movers like MPR Movers, you can sit back and relax while we take care of your furniture for you.

If you wish to relocate without professional help, you can buy, rent, or use blankets as a replacement instead. In any case, the purpose is to ensure that the moving furniture does not leave scratch marks around.

Cleaning supplies

Before you leave your previous place and after you arrive at your new place, one thing that remains constant is the requirement to clean. Obviously, you cannot clean the whole place in one day. However, you can dust the windows and mop the floors to make the place neater than it was before.

Especially in 2022, you will need to ensure that you are in a clean and hygienic place. Pack a box labeled ‘cleaning supplies’ beforehand. Depending upon the nature of your new place, pack a lambswool duster, a mop, a broom, or a vacuum with you. This will allow you to clean up the place quickly and make it ‘livable’.


It goes without saying that after the pandemic, we have all realized the importance of sanitizing. You never know how unclean and COVID-19-friendly was that surface you just touched. To ensure your mind is at peace during a tiring move, keep a sanitizer around you at all times. Remember to sanitize your hands thoroughly and carefully after you have just finished cleaning your new place.


You will also need to keep a sanitizer in your purse when you are traveling to prevent germs from getting to you. If you have children, give them each a mini sanitizer to hang on their bags so that they can sanitize their hands without needing an adult to guide them all the time. It is 2022 and sanitizing is the new ‘safe’ now.


Just like sanitizers, ensure that you have multiple disposable masks with you. Do not just keep one for each with you as the masks are easily breakable. Keep a box in your purse and put a fresh mask on if yours gets broken.


Especially if you have older people or children traveling with you, remember to give them a fresh mask if theirs falls off. Wearing a mask in public at all times is crucial if you wish to keep yourself protected.

Professional movers in 2022 will also ensure they come with their masks on to prevent spreading any viral diseases unintentionally.

Bag for running items

Now that all of your larger items are packed in your boxes, you can move on to the ‘running’ items. These include your wallet, phone, charger, keys, tissues, medication, etc. If you pack these items in one of your boxes, it will take forever to unpack them when needed. It is in your best interests to keep these in a purse that you will keep with you at all times.

bags for running itmes

Important documents

One more immensely important item is your documents. You cannot pack these in a box or carton for the movers to be in charge of. If you are relocating to a different country altogether, you will need the documents such as an ID card and passport at the airport. Ensure that you keep your important documents with you to not risk losing them.

important documents


Pack yourself some foods and drinks – either homemade or takeout – to have something to munch on during the travel. If you have children, getting them their favorite snacks on the way will keep them busy for a long time giving you the peace of mind you may need during a long journey. For a long car ride, pack yourself a travel pillow to make your travel more comfortable.



Always keep a checklist of things at hand. Write down all the things you need to have before you move. Cross off all the items that you have bought, rented, or found at home that you can utilize when moving. This checklist will help you stay organized months before your moving date. Alternatively, if you are too lazy to craft a checklist, use this article to help you remember all the essential moving supplies you need to have if you move in 2022.

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