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Getting Used to A New Place After a Long-Distance Move

Getting Used to A New Place After a Long-Distance Move

Moving from one city to another is quite an undertaking. Whether you are moving from one city to another within the province or Canada or you are moving to another country, there are many things that you will need to take care of from a logistics perspective. You want to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible and that you do not forget anything behind. Even if you hire professional movers, you will still have a lot of things to take care of.

And then physical move is just one part of the whole exercise of moving into a new home in a new city. The move mostly involves a new job, and often also a new employer. This can be a significant change for many people and will require time and effort to acclimate with. Here are a few tips that you can use for quickly settling into a new place after a long-distance move:

❇️ Who Do You Know in the New City?

One of the first things you will think about is if you know someone who lives in the city where you are moving to. Are you moving alone or with your partner or family? Maybe you can think of an old colleague or someone from your college days who you know in your new city. These days you can check out some of your social media connections to see if they live there. These people can give you firsthand advice on the city, what to do, and where to go. Some of them can even spend a little time with you to help you get used to the new place.  

❇️ Make a List of Things You Can Do in the New City

Before you move, do some research about the city you are moving to and make a list of all the things of your interest there are to see and do in the new city. Of course, if you have never lived in the city before, you might not know exactly everything that it has to offer. When you are trying to get excited about a new place where you will be living, it is a good idea to think like a tourist. Look at all that the city has to offer.

Focus on the things and activities that you enjoy or want to explore. Look at the tourist attractions in the city but, more importantly, also the things the locals like to do – museums, culinary delights, hiking, historical places, shopping, and more. Most cities offer a wealth of options from within which you pick the ones that interest you. Knowing this before your move will leave you ample time to get excited about them and rearing to getting out and enjoying them when you arrive.  

Also check where the essentials -such as a local hospital or medical center, schools, highways, and so on- are located in your area. If you have a pet, find out where you can find a good vet in the area. Dwell into learning about the good and bad parts of the city, what to embrace and what to avoid. Go into the street view on Google map and take a virtual tour of the city. This will build some familiarity and make it easier to orientate yourself when you are actually in a place as having looked at it before on a screen can help you better know your bearings.

❇️ Be on Top of Your Moving Process

The act of moving in itself is probably the hard part that absorbs much of your thoughts. However, if you plan the move properly it need not be a source of stress to you. Here is our essay on this topic. Make sure that you start preparing for the move as early as possible. Start packing and labeling the boxes sufficiently in advance, beginning with the items you are not likely to need between the time of packing and your move. A steady progress on packing will make you feel in control of the process. Hire professional movers so that you do not worry about the security of your items and about unnecessary details.

One thing that can help you start off on the right foot is a good move. Give MPR Movers a call to enlist for a great move and positive experience. We will do everything we can to make sure that your new chapter in life opens out on the right foot.

❇️ Get Your New House Painted

Another helpful thing is to have the house painted before you move in, as you do for local moves. Many folks moving to new cities leave the painting till after they have moved in. That is an unnecessary hassle. If the house has not be recently painted, ask the real estate agent you used to find your new home to recommend a local house painter and get them to paint the house before you get there. Enjoy living in a freshly painted house when you are there.

❇️ Meet People at Work

When you start your job in a new city you are going to meet your new colleagues. There is a good chance that some of them can become good acquaintances and you may even make a few close friends over time. Building friendships at work will normally translate into having those friends outside of work as well. This can help you grow a group of friends as you can also meet other interesting people through your friends at work. It should not take you too long to carve up your own little community of mates. 

❇️ Transform Your New House into a Home

Build intimacy with your new abode by viewing it as your home and by acclimating with your surroundings and neighborhood. Open up your boxes and packings and have your favorite things out adorning your space. This will help you start feeling familiar with your new place and you will feel more at home.

❇️ Talk to People

Compliment the neighbor that you see often to open a conversation. Talk with and get to know some people who have been living in the area for a while. They might help you learn more about the city’s individual culture and style. Apart from offering some useful safety tips, your neighbors will likely tend to provide some great local suggestions for where to order take-out, the best grocery store in the area, and community activities for you and your family to enjoy. Consider hosting a housewarming party or a potluck dinner to expand your network and break the ice in your neighborhood.

Talk to other people you meet in the city. Step out of your comfort zone to talk to strangers, do not hesitate to allow yourself to be a bit uncomfortable. Of course, you cannot click with everyone but be proactive to cast a wide enough net to see who you connect with in the longer term. Do not wait for them to engage you, go for it.

❇️ Plan to Go Out on Your First Weekend

Find something fun to do in your area for the first weekend you have free. Even if you have not been able to unpack all your stuff yet, make it a point to get out and do something you enjoy. It can just be a meal and a few drinks, or it can be discovering the downtown by talking a walk through the area. Do something that makes you feel a part of the city. Deferring unpacking for a few hours or a day will not hurt you.

❇️ Visit Some Local Restaurants

One of the best ways to start going out in a new city is to visit some restaurants. Whatever your budget and eating preferences, your new city is likely to have many options that suit your taste. Get a list of the local restaurants that seem to match your flavor and look up for their reviews online before visiting.

❇️ Join a Gym or a Sports League

Joining a nice local gym will not only help you get back into shape after a disturbed routine during the move, but it will also help you meet new people, a few of whom are likely to be interesting to you. Soon you might have new workout buddies. They can give you useful insight into the city and might even become your real friends.

Local sports league also offer a stress-free way to stay healthy and active and to have fun while making new friends. Most cities offer sports opportunities of enough variety for you to find an activity you truly enjoy. Making commitment to a team will keep you entertained and accountable. 

❇️ Use Social Media

In this world of technology, social media has made it much easier to connect with other people. It can also help you find groups and entire communities that match your interests. They could then lead you to meeting people who share your interests, beliefs, or activities. However, you have to be careful when you make friends online. Do not hasten into trusting them. 

Do some research and take a look at some local apps. These apps can help you with things from transportation to traffic, to local restaurants, and even events of your interest in the area. Discover things that can help make you feel more comfortable in your new city.

❇️ Be a Regular in Some Places

A nice way to fit is to have your regular spots where everybody knows your name. That is comforting and you also keep deepening a few relationships. As you try out new places, revisit the ones where you feel more at ease. Frequent those regular spots, get to know the people there, and start feeling a part of the community. 

❇️ Say “Yes” to Invitations

Once you start meeting people you will get some invitations. Be inclined to say yes except when you are sure you must say “no”. Saying yes to the invitations that you receive gives you an opportunity to try new things out, be surrounded by new people, and see what your new hometown is like in different ways.

❇️ Be Open to the Change

Do not be hung up on the ideas you arrived with about what life should be like in your new city. Once you are there, clear your mind to observe and experience with an open heart. When reality gets to you, you have to give it space, accept it, and adapt to it. Look out for volunteering opportunities. Try to find a free walking tour to learn about some of the local culture and architecture. Join a food tour to run a challenge of restaurants.

Put yourself out there to try some new things and you may be surprised to discover that you enjoy them. In a nutshell, the best way to actually settle and maintain high energy in a new place is to remain open, stay curious, and show genuine interest in the place you are living in. Kindle some magic to keep the fire alive once life settles in its routine grooves.

❇️ Get Used to Your Transportation Options

In a new place, especially in large cities, it is important to work out the most efficient methods of transportation for your commute to work or to get to the lively downtown area of your new city or to take you to your other destinations. In some cities you will not need to own a car for local use as they offer a rich choice of public transport and walking routes. In some other cities, like Mississauga, a car may be necessary to conveniently move around. Explore parking options and prices for the various places you will need to park so you can plan appropriately.

❇️ Give Yourself Enough Time

Do not feel rushed, be patient as you settle into a new city and home. Close friendships do not develop overnight neither can you see all your city’s attractions in a couple of days. Continue to stay attentive and engaged, say yes to every opportunity you can, have fun, and enjoy your new journey. Before you know it, you will be at home as an essential part of your new community.

❇️ Try Not to Compare

Having lived in about a dozen countries and many more cities, I can tell you that each place has something to offer. Each city has its own charm and, with time, will grow on you. The secret is not to compare. In particular, avoid making comparisons that are unfavorable to your current abode. Socially too, comparing the last city where you lived long enough to become a local against a city where you only have initial impressions to go by may create negative feelings. No new place will ever have all the things you cherished about a place where you previously loved living. You have to learn to love some new things to give your new place a fair chance. Do not fret over what it does not have, focus on what it does offer and stop judging it.

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