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❇️ Introduction

Moving is just as exhausting for your pet as it is for you, if not more. The spontaneous activity and an influx of foreign packing material may cause your pets’ stress levels to rise. When you shift, there is already so much to pay attention to that your pets may get cranky or even fall sick. Therefore, deciding how you want to make your move as easy and comfortable as possible for your little furry friends is essential. It may require your pet time, energy, lots of love, and treats to adjust to this new moving season.


Now follows a checklist to ensure your pets have a happy transition to your new home.

Make A Plan

When you plan to safely and efficiently undertake your move, include a pet section. It would be best if you considered your pet’s needs and personality to have a foolproof plan with you. Make sure to plan and decide all logistics, how you will transport your pet, and whether they are fit for a trip. You may even have to visit the vet before you begin your moving process. It is vital because you may get insights about your pet which would help you plan the shifting better for them.

Remember that pets are living beings, so you must consider them thoroughly before and while moving. You may even have to take a pet-friendly route if you take your pets along in your car, so they can relieve themselves when needed. Your plan needs to be detailed and personalized for your pets. Let’s say you have a cat and a bird that you are taking along. You will need to consider both of their requirements separately and devise a way you can meet them simultaneously.

Introduce Your Pets to Moving Supplies

Your pets are used to the specific environment in your home, and their exposure is minimal. They are familiar with all the furniture, decorative pieces, and appliances, so if it is your pet’s first move, you need to familiarize them with the packing material. It is so your pet does not feel threatened by the unfamiliarity of the supplies.

moving supplies with pets

Moreover, pets like cats and dogs are curious by nature. They will explore alone if you leave the packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc., around. So, it is advised that you introduce them to it under your supervision so there is no hazard to your pet’s safety.

Furthermore, make sure you do this before you even start packing. This way, when you begin to fill boxes, your pets will not meddle as much, and they will not feel agitated as your pets would be used to the supplies by then.

Designate A Place for Your Pet

Different pets have different natures. Generally, cats are more introverted than dogs. However, this might not always stand true. Your dog can also get quiet around strangers.

If your pets are rescued, you must provide them with a safe space away from moving activities. Rescued pets usually experience trauma before being adopted, so they may get cranky and scared around strangers.

Make sure to keep your pets somewhere safe before your movers come to help you disassemble, pack supplies, and lift and load your belongings in the moving truck. Even if your pet is not an introvert or a rescue, you should still designate a safe place for them and keep them away from moving activity. It is to ensure your pets’ complete safety and avoid any accident or injury. 

Stick to Their Routine

Your pets follow a routine: snack times, play times, walks in the park, cuddle sessions, treats, etc. Over time your pet has developed this routine, and it is all they know. So, they may get stressed or cranky if this pattern is not followed. You must ensure that your pets’ routine is not compromised even while planning and undertaking the move. If they take daily or weekly walks, carry on with those walks. It may be tiresome for you, but it will benefit you as your pet will be happy.

pets routines

A move is also tricky and exhausting for them, and if you miss out on their routine, you will add to their stress levels! It may cause your pet to feel neglected. During a move, people have reported that their pets get super clingy. So, if your pet does the same, give them extra love and treats. They need your patience, especially then. It will help make the transition easy for them.

Prepare For Long Drives

If you are going to transport your pet to the new place with you, you need to ensure they feel safe in a car. It would be best if you did not have your pet travel in the trunk of your vehicle; that is very unsafe as there is no proper ventilation. Your pet may feel scared in a small, constricted place, so do not try that. Your pets can safely travel with you in the backseat of your car. You may use pet seat belts or harnesses.

Furthermore, it would help if you had their crate cocooned with their beddings in the backseat. If your pets have yet to travel for long before, you must slowly expose them to long drives. Your furry friends will not be familiar with seatbelts and harnesses initially. Still, you need to acquaint them with it before the move.

Additionally, more than familiarizing them with seatbelts is required; you must ensure they feel comfortable. You may contact professional pet relocators if you cannot safely take your pet along due to its size, nature, or species. 

Pack Your Pets’ Luggage

Naturally, as you pack your belongings when you move, you must file your pets’ stuff. It would help if you packed their belongings at the very end so they do not feel agitated due to missing toys, their preferred blanket, etc.

Moreover, carrying your pets’ essential belongings in your car is better than transporting them along with other things in the moving truck. It is so you can access whatever is needed whenever it is required. You can carry pet food, their favorite toys and treats, a leash, and wipes. Take your pets’ documents, including veterinary records and certificates, while shifting.

pets luggage

Pets can be picky and territorial when they go to new houses, especially in the start when they are not used to the place. Therefore, you should use their old food and water bowls, blankets, pillows, and beds to make their transition easier. It would warm them up to the new place quicker if they saw their everyday items.

Moreover, some pets develop an attachment to their toys, bowls, and environment over time. Hence, abruptly changing everything may cause them to feel stressed. 

Check Laws About Pets

You must contact the Animal Control Commission of the city or town you will be shifting to for confirmation if you can bring your pet there. It is essential to do this because sometimes there are more onerous regulations for different localities. So, they may not allow some specific types of pets there.

Additionally, you may inquire with the commission about your pets’ required documents and information for licensing your pet. Some localities may require your pet vaccination shots or a quarantine period before arrival. Hence, check all the laws about pets so that you are prepared accordingly. 

Pet Proof Your Home

Once you reach your new abode, you might be tired and want to relax. However, your pet is going to feel the same, along with being threatened and uncomfortable with the new place. Hence, the first thing you should do once you reach is unpack your pets’ belongings.

Tour the house, designate a room or a safe place for your pet, and set their items there. Their bed or crate, food, water bowls, toys and blankets, basically everything your pet uses daily. It would help if you assigned a place to your pets away from moving activity.

Again, it is unsafe for your pet to roam around while the movers unload your belongings and settle them in your house. Additionally, your pets will be agitated with the new place, requiring you to be highly patient and kind to help them adjust. 

Stay Calm

One of the most important steps is to be calm. Your pets are receptive to your emotions since you are their primary caregiver. Your pets can tell the difference when your behavior or mood changes, for the better or worse. And they react according to the change in your emotions. If you are agitated or stressed, your pet will return the feeling too. If you panic, just the way children around you will be upset, and your pets will too! So, regardless of how tough the move gets, stay calm. You may hire a professional moving company to make this easier!

Additionally, once you settle in your new home, it is recommended that you find a renowned veterinary doctor for your pet. Take your pet for a check-up to have an update on your pet’s health. The doctor will prove to help identify if the move has caused any behavioral abnormality, and it will be a great insight into your pet. Please don’t skip over this step, no matter how unimportant you think it is. Because a professional is more likely to spot any underlying problems than you are. Once your pet is checked and cleared, it will help you be calm too, knowing that your pet underwent the move safely. 

Hire Experts

Licensed companies aim to make your move easier for you and your pets. MPR Movers is a genuine moving company based in Mississauga, Ontario. We have complete knowledge and plenty of experience about how to undertake a move so that you can depend on us freely. We guarantee to take away all of the hassles of the shifting while you can sit back and enjoy your panic-free move. Essentially, we at MPR Movers assist with all sorts of activities.

Corporate relocation, household, and furniture moving, we are well versed in all of these. Even long-distance moving is right up our alley! Our staff consists of polished professionals sharpened by years of experience with planning and on-field moving. Our team of experts excels at safely packing your belongings, lifting and loading your furniture, and unloading the items in your new abode.

Furthermore, we offer storage services and junk removal facilities as well. Our storage spaces are climate controlled or weatherproof, which ensures maximum safety for your belongings. In case of floods, earthquakes, and fires, our storage facilities remain unharmed. The junk removal facility MPR Movers provides is also immaculate, like the rest of our services. We responsibly promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle by removing your junk and unwanted belongings. Additionally, you can ask for moving insurance at MPR Movers too. We will ensure to provide it, but you are required to file a request for it in advance.


You must hire a moving company for a move to be panic-free for you and stress-free for your pets. MPR Movers have just the right amalgam of talent and expertise to accommodate you and your pet accordingly during a move. So, reach out to us now and get a quick quote for your move!

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