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07 Items You Can Cut Down During A Move

07 Items You Can Cut Down During A Move


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”– William Morris. 

Often, we find ourselves hoarding things in our homes that are unnecessary. It may be the sentimental appeal that overpowers the functionality and aesthetic aspects. However, moving becomes much easier when you cut down on unwanted things. The junk and useless things add to the burden of packing and moving. That is why decluttering is an essential part of the process. MPR Movers is here to guide you thoroughly through the top 7 items you can cut back on during a move. After all, moving is more fun when you have minimal stuff and no junk littering around to hinder your progress! We will also examine some advantages of leaving behind things or items you no longer need and how you can handle them.


We love a move that is simplified by thorough organization and packaging. We understand how hard it can be to part with your things. With time, people tend to make emotional connections with household items. The overwhelming familiarity gnaws at us when letting go of such things. Therefore, we will shed light on the advantages of cutting down on things to make decision-making easier for you.  


Save Yourself From The Hassle

Your entire moving process will go more smoothly if you leave unwanted items behind. Instead of spending extra time packing and sending them to your new space, declutter as much as possible. It will also save you from the extra hassle of finding space for them in your residence.

Make Some Extra Money

There are multiple options available to you when it comes to dealing with things. One of these options is selling. You can sell all the unwanted items before moving and earn some extra money. Doing so will cover significant portions of your moving cost – a way of offsetting. This little extra cash will come in handy during the process and when settling down in the new place.

Lower All The Additional Costs 

If you only take what is necessary, then you will save a considerable amount of money. Fewer belongings mean you will have low transportation and movers costs. You will have to spend less on packaging materials, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. Furthermore, getting rid of unwanted stuff will also lower the frequency of trips to your new place. This activity is beneficial in monetary terms and also good for the environment. You will have a less negative impact on your surroundings – that’s bound to be a bonus!  

More Space Is What We Need 

Having extra space in your house is always a good thing. Especially after a move, you will savor all the extra space that you can get. Get rid of things beforehand so they do not litter in your new home. You can use all the space to make your home more functional as well as aesthetic – after all, minimal homes with large spaces are always in fashion! 


Before paring down on your belongings, you need to consider some significant questions regarding the items. For instance, ask yourself if the item in question is necessary and if you need it. Assess its condition and evaluate how many years it has been in service. You need to ask yourself how much use it has in your daily life. Consider its sentimental and aesthetic value. 

Lastly, the most crucial question is, is it worth the space at your new home? After pondering all these questions, we believe you will have specific answers about which belongings to leave behind. Say goodbye to the excuse of ‘just in case.’ It is time for action now! 


The Bulky Stuff 

Furniture and bulky items pose problems during the moving process. They are heavy for transportation and will likely damage your property while being loaded onto trucks. Therefore, moving is the perfect chance to get rid of furniture, bed, or mattresses you no longer need. Sell your old furniture to earn some extra cash which you can later use when buying new ones for your residence.      

Extra Clothes 

Let us be honest; we all have clothes piling up that we have not worn for months or perhaps years. We cling to clothes because they give us a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. This is your chance to leave the extra clothes behind. Save yourself from packing and handling all these things you do not need. Along with clothes, go through your shoes and segregate worn shoes from the rest. Free up extra space in your closet for the new clothes and shoes you will buy. Moreover, the former are excellent choices if you opt for donations.

Kitchen Stuff

Before rushing into the packing stage, sort out the items in your kitchen. Throw away any food that is expired. Take care of perishables quickly. For example, you can give away vegetables, fruits, milk, yogurt, and ice creams, especially if the journey is long. Throw away cups or plates that are broken or simply too old now. Take care of dinner set with old-fashioned design and buy new ones for your housewarming party.   

Clear away the brochures or menus you have accumulated over the years. Moreover, it is time to throw away the pan that has turned all black and scratched up due to many years of use. While you are at it, dispose of all the useless containers, lunch boxes, and plastic bottles. Kitchen decluttering may take some time, but it is undoubtedly worth it!  

Regular Cleaning Supplies 

You can cut down on old brooms, rotten sponges, grungy bathmats, worn cleaning gloves, and straggly brushes. This equipment may be in bad shape due to many years of usage. Buy brand-new cleaning supplies for your new residence. Throw away that vacuum cleaner that no longer works due to years of dust accumulated inside.  


Electronics and appliances tend to stop working after completing their technical lifetime. These electronics include refrigerators, computers, air conditioners, and washing machines. You can also have an appliance like a BBQ grill or a stove that is too old or rusty to use now. Make sure to throw them away along with aged wires and old keyboards. If you still have cassette tapes and outdated stereo systems, you may need to get rid of them. Gift your friends an air fryer or toaster that you never use.  

Kids’ Belongings

Sorting out the belongings of children can be quite a difficult task. They usually throw a fit or tantrum if you touch their toys. However, decluttering their things is a must before moving. You have to tactfully handle the situation when the time comes. For instance, give them different treats as bribes and ask for help. Explain to them the importance of charity and empathy. Convince them to willingly donate their old toys to orphanages or charity organizations. Give away their clothes that are too short for them to wear now. 

Magazines and Papers

Now that you have taken care of everything else, you can move on to old papers, dusty books, and magazines assembled over the years. Donate books that you no longer read or hold any sentimental value to. You can give them away to other people or libraries. Carefully skim through all the pages or files before throwing anything away. You do not want to rush during this process, or you may lose important documents. Similarly, store away digital copies of significant documents. Recycle the old notebooks and pages. Use them for origami or to make paper DIY décor. Dispose of paper clips, old pens, and ballpoint pens. You do not need these extra things in your new place, as they are easy to lose due to their small size. Buy new stationery later on for your home or office use.  


Now that you know what items to discard before moving, you have four main options to handle them: sell, donate, gift, and toss away.  



Who would not love a few extra bucks before moving? As we have mentioned earlier, you can sell the things you do not want to earn some extra cash. Start by evaluating the condition and shape of the items you want to sell. You can host a garage sale or post pictures online on e-commerce websites like Craigslist, Facebook, or eBay, where people can contact you to buy them. Furthermore, you can create creative ads to attract dealers for reasonable prices. Add detailed descriptions of the products and evaluations of their conditions with digital proofs of photographs so that more people will approach you. 


The second option is to donate the things you do not need. You can give the things away in charity or thrift stores. The items you can donate include clothes, furniture, house equipment, books, toys, and electronic appliances. Ensure the things you donate are clean and in good shape. If you give away clothes and blankets, they should be unsoiled and not ripped. Before donating things, check the guidelines and rules of the charity organizations to be well aware of all the technicalities. 


Moving presents the perfect opportunity for you to call over friends and family members. While having guests over, you can show them electronic appliances, clothes, or furniture. Let them choose things they want and gift them. They can also opt for carpets you are leaving behind or antique décor pieces you cannot take with you. This saves you from the hassle of finding people to sell things to and makes your loved ones happy. 

Toss Away

This option is reserved when you cannot sell, donate or gift your items for various reasons. These reasons can range from poor quality of belongings to their broken status and unavailability of people to buy. Throwing away broken and unusable items is best instead of hoarding them in your new home. You can throw away mattresses, old furniture, or appliances that no longer work. You can count on experts like MPR Movers and their junk removal services for these occasions. With highly qualified staff and top-quality equipment, we care for your junk in the pre-move purge. After a thorough inspection, we segregate your belongings and employ sustainable practices to minimize adverse environmental impacts when hauling them away. Professionals save your precious time and energy, so you do not have to move anything alone.  


Decluttering and cutting down on things is essential to the moving process. You have to make sure to leave behind and get rid of things that have no aesthetic or functional appeal anymore. By cutting down on certain items, you can earn money and save yourself from the hassle of moving extra things. Furthermore, you can have more space in the new place and lower moving costs. If you declutter first, you will have to spend less time packing and sending things. Disposing of the things early on is important so you do not stumble upon junk littering around your place.

declutter - MPR Movers

You can leave behind old heavy furniture, electronics, appliances you no longer use, and cleaning supplies. Donate the clothes and toys to charity organizations. You can also cut down kitchen appliances and piled-up papers, magazines, or books. You can sell, donate, gift, or toss away these extra items. Ensure the quality and condition of items are good, whether donating or selling. Carefully check the relevant guidelines of the charity organizations and adhere to them. You can also opt to gift them to your friends or family members. However, if the belongings are broken and useless, then it is better to throw them away. 

MPR Movers Do It Better!

Call MPR Movers and avail yourself of our junk removal services to get rid of the stuff you no longer need. We’ve been in the industry for many years and offer exceptional moving services to our customers in commercial and residential domains. Whether you need storage services or junk removal, rest assured we’ve got you covered! So if you are unsure what to do with your belongings for the time being, feel free to reach out to us! You can count on us to make your move simpler and faster. Contact us today.

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