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Moving, whether houses or offices, is a lengthy process. Meticulous planning is needed so that the move goes as efficiently as possible. The primary concern while moving is ensuring the safety of your goods. While it may seem simple to pack small items, the same cannot be said for sizeable furniture components. Moreover, attempting to move without prior experience only adds to your worries. Moving is crucial when you cannot afford to get injured, so hiring a professional moving company such as MPR Movers is practical. Professionals can reassure you of top-notch services at competitive rates to facilitate you. If you choose to take the entire moving job onto yourself, you must be aware of the relocation process to shift safely.  

❇️ Let’s explore the top 10 ways in which you can keep your goods safe when you move:

10. Plan Your Move

Moving can be a hassle if it’s not done systematically. You need to plan out your move weeks before your expected moving day. The first and foremost step should be researching for reliable moving companies in your vicinity. It will make your move trouble-free, as you will have a team of experts guiding and aiding you throughout the move. They would pack your furniture safely and load it in the moving truck. The moving company will provide appropriate packing materials if you want to pack your items. 

However, if you do not opt for hiring a mover, then you must be careful while handling bulky furniture. Measure your furniture to see if it can easily pass through your doorway. If not, then disassemble them to bring them out with no damage.  

9. Use Appropriate Packing Material 

Professional moving companies provide packing materials and guidelines, but if you are moving alone, you must handle it yourself. A move can be expensive, but you don’t want to cut costs on packing materials because you could damage your goods if the packaging is not durable enough. While smaller items, such as decoration pieces, mirrors, and ceramics, can be wrapped in bubble wrap, it is not advisable to use bubble wrap for furniture. Wooden furniture needs breathing space and ventilation; bubble wrap does not ensure it moves safely over long distances. Furniture, primarily wooden, is intricately crafted, which makes it susceptible to scratches and splinters. In such cases, cushioning your furniture with foam paddings or even blankets can protect it from harm.  

8. Make a Moving Inventory 

Unpacking after a move can take quite some time, so it is wiser to have an organized inventory that helps locate your items. A moving inventory can also be helpful in case your items are damaged or stolen, as you would only be compensated if you provide proof of the original condition. So, making an inventory is advised. You may start by listing the items room by room, starting with essential things and then moving on to smaller ones. Keep a photographic record of all your items, along with allotting numbers to boxes when you pack, is also recommended. Make sure to document all details about your belongings and keep the moving inventory safe. 

7. Avoid Over-packing 

When you buy cardboard or reusable boxes to pack your items, always make sure to check their capacity as well. It is vital to know how much weight the box you are using can hold safely. It allows you to pack your belongings responsibly and minimize the risks involved. Overstuffing a box is a bad call as it hinders the box from protecting your belongings as intended. It may also end up causing the box to break. It would, without a doubt, damage your items, especially if the box carries some fragile items. Be careful with your packing items, and ask a professional to help you with them if you can. Over-packed boxes may also cause harm to the mover in the process. Hence, it is advisable to be cautious and pack a little lesser than the capacity of the box. Get a few more boxes to ensure your items are all packed easily. You can always move a few extra packages but cannot undo any physical damage done to your valuable possessions. 

6. Lift Safely 

ow Many Movers Do You Need?

Lifting requires tact, not sheer physical strength. If you haven’t lifted furniture before, it is the safer option to consult a moving company to do the job for you. MPR Movers have trained professionals to lift and carry the boxes and furniture components. They are not only mindful of your furniture’s safety but also make sure not to pose any damage to the house or the building while moving. There will not be any scrapes on the floor or dents in the doorways once you hire professionals to do the lifting for you. Extra care must go in while attempting to lift furniture, as the furniture legs are usually fixed by glues or nails, making them prone to detaching. In case inexperienced personnel attempts to load and unload furniture, it can lead to the corners of the table getting chipped or damaged.  

5. Tracking Device 


Moving scams are common nowadays, so it is better to take precautionary measures. While packing, you can sneak a small tracking device into one of the boxes. It allows you to keep track of your boxes if the move goes unexpectedly. Using a tracking device would ensure that you can easily trace where your belongings are if they get misplaced or stolen. While it can be a tricky job to find a reliable tracking device, it lowers the risk of losing your items permanently and helps in giving a literal direction if you get scammed.  However, you may want to do your research before getting a GPS tracker to find the one that works best for you! Consult with a friend or family member who knows about tracking devices before you buy one.

4. Keep Valuables with You

valuable items

Valuable items include mobile phones, jewelry, documents, keys, etc. These items are among those which you cannot afford to lose at all, so it is best to keep them with yourself. You should put these in a backpack or inside your car to ensure their safety. You could also entrust the valuables to your friends or family. Once you have moved and settled, you can get the stuff back from them. In this way, you will not have to worry whether your valuables have made it safely, without damage during the move. You can also choose to buy a portable safe to store your prized possessions while moving or ask your moving company if they provide safety deposit boxes. If you opt for either, keep them safe with you. However, it would be best if you did not lock running items, such as cash and identity cards, in safes. It is wiser to carry them in your wallets or bags, where you can access them easily and quickly. 

3. Don’t Stack Carelessly 

Furniture Moving - MPR Movers

Less experienced moving companies may resort to practices like loading furniture in the moving truck without thought; however, this could damage your goods. If fragile items are settled on the base of the truck and bulky furniture parts are loaded on top of them, this could disfigure your goods. Reliable companies like MPR Movers are vigilant and follow a proper system of loading your belongings in trucks. The heavier boxes and sturdy furniture pieces go at the bottom of the moving truck, and lighter parcels and fragile items are layered on top of them. It reduces the chance of delicate items being cracked or broken. You can count on the experts at MPR Movers to ensure your belongings are loaded safely and conscientiously. We understand how crucial it is to stack boxes attentively. Hence, we instruct our moving employees to mark the boxes as ‘fragile’ if it is. It allows us to ensure that the boxes are stacked correctly and there is no chance of damaging your precious goods.

2. Get Insurance 

get insurance

Moving Insurance guarantees protection against any damage to your belongings. If the items are damaged in a move, the company provides compensation for repairs. Sometimes, they might also offer a replacement for the damaged item. It does not mean you must invest in moving insurance, but it is advised to do so. Moving insurance may cover anything ranging from fires or floods to theft and accidentally breaking your tangible items. It may depend on what insurance policy you select. Ask your movers about different moving insurance policies to ensure you make an informed decision. It allows you to weigh the pros and cons of each moving company and pick the one you find most suitable. It is entirely up to you to pay attention to detail when relocating. If you do, you can avoid falling victim to scammers.  

1. Hire Authorized Movers

If you’re under the illusion that you could handle all that a move entails on your own, you might be proven wrong. Slight negligence is all it takes to end up with substantial damage to irreplaceable items. While moving, there are already too many aspects that require attention, so it is best to utilize your time and resources efficiently and get in touch with a licensed moving company. Moreover, the last thing anyone wants when they move is to get scammed, so do thorough research before you settle on a mover. Ensure to check their customer reviews and get a price quote beforehand. Be wary of companies that insist on cash payments. Typically, scammers use a ‘cash-only’ approach to avoid getting into legal trouble that can be traced through a bank transfer. Conduct thorough research and ask for moving company recommendations from friends and family. You may find professional and authorized moving companies such as MPR Movers immediately.



MPR Movers make your move more convenient to a great extent. We have experts on board who are properly trained to pack all sorts of belongings. They are well-versed in moving to know what type of packing materials to use for different types of furniture and fixtures. Our seasoned team also excels at skillfully lifting and loading your items in the moving truck according to stacking protocols. Moreover, we provide loads of other facilities too. Our storage spaces are designed to store goods for you safely, and the facility is climate-controlled to keep your items safe from extreme weather. Upon request, MPR Movers can arrange insurance cover for your move too. However, you must request it in advance. We also provide a free quotation for the move once we have scrutinized your belongings. We have a proven track record of having served hundreds of clients before, so you can find it easy to trust in our competence as movers. At MPR Movers, we also promote an environment-safe lifestyle by offering to remove and dispose of your unwanted items responsibly.  


To sum it up, moving requires conscious planning and attention to ensure it goes hassle-free. To have a smooth and easy relocation process, you must select a moving company with the right skills and experience, such as MPR Movers. With a licensed, authentic, and reliable mover, your move can be much more peaceful and systematic with our experts. No need to worry about your fragile items being unsafe because the experts at MPR Movers have been trained to perform moving services effectively! You can rely on our knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure you have a smooth relocation. No matter your move’s size, we can cater to your needs.  At MPR Movers, we have the ideal team for moving your precious item and impeccable skills to provide error-free services. Our staff is insured, which allows you to relax, knowing you will not get in legal trouble in unfortunate instances. It is critical to ensure the safety of your belongings, but if it sounds like too much work, you can always come to us. We will be delighted to provide you with our excellent moving services. Get in touch with us today and avail yourself of our services!

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