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ow Many Movers Do You Need?

The fact that you are asking yourself, “How many movers do I need?” implies that you have already decided to seek a professional to help instead of DIY-ing the move. Take a moment to relax now. Now that you have a direction to work in, the next big step in the relocation process is to figure out how many movers you genuinely require. Many people find it tough to ascertain the number of movers their move demands.  It seems like there is always too much to consider and not enough suggestions around. It may seem like an unsolvable puzzle to some, but luckily, at MPR Movers, we understand your struggle. Hence, we have compiled this article to show you the factors you need to consider when looking to hire a moving company and some suggestions to quicken your process. It will allow you to make an informed decision without necessarily contacting a moving company. 

In This Article,

💠 Size of the move
💠 Helpers available
💠 Driving duration
💠 Fragile items
💠 Elevator facility
💠 Stairs, narrow hallways, and doorways
💠 Time constraints
💠 Heavy items
💠 Carrying distance
💠 Budget and overall costs


When relocating, it is advisable to consider a handful of factors before contacting a professional moving company. Take a look at the top ten essential elements that require consideration before you move.


The first factor to consider is the size of the move. Ask yourself the following questions to make it simpler to narrow down your requirements:

🔘 Is it a corporate, tech, or household move?

🔘 How many fragile, heavy, and emotionally valuable items do I need to move?

🔘 Does it require site inspection?


Answering these questions yourself will give you a clearer idea of what to expect from your moving costs, time, and the number of movers you need to hire. It also gives you a direction in which you can work. Typically, bigger moves require more movers. With more fragile and heavy items, it is also advisable to hire more movers to make the process quick and smooth. We recommend getting a site inspection. It means that you contact a professional moving company to visit your property before the move day to estimate the number of movers you will need. It allows you to simplify your relocation process tenfold.


The more friends, family, and neighbors are willing to help you with your move, the lesser you will need professional movers. Hence, you should always consider the number of helpers available on the day of your move. You may have a friend with a van who offers to transport some of your items or a muscular neighbor who offers to lift some heavy furniture. In any case, having helpers around will enable you to reduce the number of professional movers required. Therefore, it is crucial to consider this factor long before your relocation date.


Driving duration refers to the time consumed when transporting your belongings to your moving location. If you relocate to a different area within the same city, the driving duration will be less. If you move to another town, the driving duration will be more. Remember that as a rule of thumb. Considering the driving time frame allows you to account for factors like petrol consumption, the hours you will require when hiring people, and the expected overall costs. Many people skip this point when calculating their potential moving costs as it may come off as an ‘indirect’ expense. However, it allows you to account for the essential and unavoidable expenses that you will incur whether or not you contact professional movers. Hence, make sure that you give special attention to the driving duration of your relocation journey.



It is vital to consider the number, size, and weight of the fragile items you will take. Fragile items may include one or all of the following:

🔘 Paintings

🔘 Pianos

🔘 Decoration pieces

🔘 Mirrors

🔘 Computers

🔘 Air Conditioners

🔘 Projectors

🔘 Televisions

🔘 Emotionally valuable items

These items require greater attention and care when being moved to preserve their aesthetics and value, both. Heavier items may need more movers to lift, pack, and move with their safety. Remember that it is not just the safety of the item but also the movers. Where two movers may be able to lift a piano, it may be best to hire a third to make the job easier. The delicacy of fragile items is a sensitive issue that we take seriously at MPR Moves. Hiring more movers for delicate items may also reduce the chances of hazardous incidents. However, you can skip hiring additional movers if you have a few helpers. In any case, do not forget to consider the costs you may incur from moving your fragile items.


It is essential to count the number of heavy items you need to move. Just like fragile items, heavy items require special attention and care while driving. Using a pulley when moving these items is advisable to make the task simpler. Heavy items may include one or all of the following:

🔘 Furniture (beds, sofas, side tables, chairs, dressers, etc.)

🔘 Washers

🔘 Dryers

🔘 Treadmills

🔘 Weightlifting essentials

🔘 Storage sheds

If you have any of these items on your list, contacting professional movers would be in your best interests. Moving it all on your own or with non-professional help is highly risky. Contact the experts in the field to prevent any unfortunate incidents.


Heavy furniture and staircases are never a good combination for one or two movers to take care of. The possibility of unfortunate hazards is simply too significant to ignore. Always consider the stairways the movers may need to take your heavy furniture through. It allows you to have a better idea about the number of movers you may need to call. Ask yourself the following questions to help you reach a more apparent conclusion:

🔘 Will there be any long staircases involved throughout the move?

🔘 Do I need the movers to lift heavy furniture through the stairs?

🔘 Do I need the movers to move fragile items through the stairs?

🔘 Is this hallway wide enough for the movers to move furniture from?

🔘 Does my new place have narrow doorways or hallways?

🔘 Is it worth saving a few dollars and risking the safety of a mover and my belongings?

Suppose you are moving from a place with multiple staircases. It is best to entrust the responsibility to more than just a duo of movers. You can hire four movers and two trucks for an accumulated cost of C$220 from MPR Movers or more if that fits your needs better. We have a proven track record of safe and successful moves to reassure you of the excellence of our services. 


Elevators make the job much simpler for the movers. It is easier to pack heavy and fragile items into boxes. The boxes can be taken to the ground floor through the elevator. It puts a heavy burden off the movers’ shoulders (literally!) and allows the movers to work faster. Suppose you have an elevator at your current property. In that case, you may not require extra movers to help with carrying your belongings. However, you also need to assess whether your new property will have an elevator facility or not. Suppose there are no elevators at the new property. In that case, you can hire additional movers to ensure the move is smooth and hassle-free. It is best to prevent safety hazards wherever you can. Hiring a few movers more than required will let you relax during the heavy lifting time. It goes without saying that it speeds up the process, so if you are running short of time, consider hiring more movers than you originally planned.



It is crucial to consider the carrying distance of packed moving boxes to get a fair idea of the number of movers you will need. Keep in mind that movers are humans too and will start feeling the heaviness of objects when they hold them by themselves for more extended periods. It would help if that heaviness were divided between two or more movers. That depends on the heaviness, size, and of course, the carrying distance of the item. Make sure you consider the carrying distance before you contact a professional moving company. You may still get the job done with one mover, but it will increase the number of hours they work. There is no simple way to do it – just smart. 


One of the critical factors to consider is time constraints. If you often run late or have trouble getting things ready at a specified time, consider hiring more movers. Time constraints and lesser movers around is a nerve-wracking situation. It is recommendable to consider the time constraints and hire movers accordingly. Where you believe two movers can get the job done, hiring three would make it simpler, quicker, and smoother. Make your move hassle-free by employing a few more movers than are needed. It ensures the more significant safety of your belongings and reduces the chances of moving hazards. 


Last but not least is the consideration of your budget. It is essential to have a budget set before getting in touch with a professional moving company. You work more cost-effectively when you have an amount allocated for the movers in mind. It allows you to reduce excess costs and ensure the move is winded up within your given amount. You may be able to set aside an emergency fund to help you in case things do not go according to plan. However, suppose this is the first time you are relocating. In that case, you will need to understand the cost before taking a final decision. Learn more about our prices below.


Here are a few components of estimating relocation duration and costs. Considering these costs will provide you with a rough sketch of what the overall expenses may look like. If you do not have a financial plan yet, consider this your golden chance to construct one right now. Take a look at the typically required moving labor.

Property Size (square feet)Packing (ONLY)Loading (ONLY)Unloading (ONLY)Full Service Move
400-600 sqft2 Movers | 2 Hours2 Movers | 2 Hours2 Movers | 2 Hours2 Movers | 5-6 Hours
650-1,000 sqft2 Movers | 2 Hours2 Movers | 2 Hours2 Movers | 3 Hours2 Movers | 6-7 Hours
1,050-1,500 sqft3 Movers | 3 Hours3 Movers | 3-4 Hours3 Movers | 3-4 Hours3 Movers | 9-10 Hours
1,550-2,000 sqft3 Movers | 4-5 Hours3 Movers | 5 Hours3 Movers | 5 Hours3 Movers | 13-14 Hours
2,050-3,000 sqft4 Movers | 4-5 Hours4 Movers | 6 Hours4 Movers | 6 Hours4 Movers | 15-16 Hours
3,000+ sqft6 Movers | 4 Hours6 Movers | 6-8 Hours6 Movers | 6-8 Hours6 Movers | 18-20 Hours

However, keep in mind that this table provides an estimate only. Every move is unique and has different requirements. Our cost-time estimation table may not be the perfect recommendation for your move, but it can offer you an idea of what the typical moving costs look like. If you wish to get a personal estimate, contact us for site inspection. Our experts will visit your property to assess the items needed to be moved, the carrying distance, staircases, and narrow doorways to provide you with a better, more customized estimate of costs and time duration. Alternatively, you may also contact us through our website to get a free quote. It may not be as customized as a site inspection, but it may provide you with insightful information regarding the number of movers you require.


The bottom line is: that there are numerous factors to consider before giving yourself a rough estimate of the number of movers you require. Calling professional movers is the easy part. The challenging part is to figure out how many movers you need. This article has summarized the top factors that will help you with the estimation. Carefully consider each element to help you determine the ideal number of movers you will require. Count the number of heavy, fragile, and emotionally valuable items. It enables you to choose to hire enough movers to relocate your belongings safely. Take a little walk on the route your movers will take and ensure that there are as few obstacles as possible to make the process smoother. You may want to consider getting more movers than are recommended for buildings without elevators. It allows you to carry out your move with more finesse and ease. If you are running short on time, an extra pair of professional hands can do wonders. Contact a professional moving company like MPR Movers today to hire the best movers to cater to your needs.

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