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Office Moving 101: Your Guide to a Smooth Office Move

Office Moving 101 - Your Guide to a Smooth Office Move


Is the date of your much-awaited office relocation arriving soon? Are you excited yet also quite nervous about the logistics, planning, and execution? Well, you are not alone! Feeling uneasy and agitated before an office shift is quite the norm, and we do not judge you for it at all! Moving your entire office is one challenging task, especially if you have no experience. Therefore, you need to prepare thoroughly beforehand for a smooth ride toward the goal. In this blog compiled by MPR Movers, we will cover all the essential steps you need to take when shifting your office. We will guide you through the initial planning stages and steps crucial for an organized move. Moreover, we will also talk about the peculiarities of office moving and its differences from residential moving. So let’s get started!


Office moving and residential moving are different types of moving services. It is imperative to note that office moving is a type of commercial moving. You relocate an entire office to another place, whereas residential moving includes household relocation.  Office relocations are usually more complex than residential ones because of the transportation of bulky assets, matter of confidential documents, and complex IT infrastructure. In residential moving, you endeavor to move home furniture, personal things, and electronic appliances of a family.  Another notable difference is that people often prefer to relocate homes as it is a small-scale move. However, it is different for office moving, which can be daunting for many. If the need arises, you need to hire professional movers like us to shift your office since it is a laborious task. You will require expert movers’ relevant expertise, experience, and equipment to get the job done. Luckily at MPR Movers, we’ve got it all, so feel free to contact us today.

Office Move vs residential move


As mentioned earlier, office moving is a strenuous task. It requires a lot of consideration, planning, and your time, as well as that of your employees. Therefore, you must fully immerse yourself in the preparation process to avoid any long-term mistakes.

Therefore, let us look at a 10-stage guide to preparing for the move and what to do after relocating.

Initial Planning Stage

When it comes to office moving, time is of the essence! The first and foremost step is planning. It would be best if you planned months in advance because of strict deadlines and the business’s daily operations. Many challenges may occur, and you want minimal disruption to your business. The stress of moving can easily overwhelm you. Therefore, avoid rushing the planning stage. Instead, calculate all the possible expenses of packing supplies, hiring people, and transportation. A professional approach is the best way forward! Decide the dates of your move earlier and start packing accordingly. You can also formulate a moving plan and choose the right movers for you. This professional approach can save you time, money, and headaches.

Take into Confidence Your Employees and Clients

Your employees are part of the business family. Engage with them properly by informing them of the moving plans. Assign your employee’s different tasks and responsibilities. Instead of assuming all the roles yourself, divide the work among your employee force and ensure they fully understand their roles in the relocation. Doing so will save you so much trouble and your precious time. Approach your employees in an organized manner. Update them regularly by sending out official emails or holding staff meetings. To avoid confusion with your loyal customers, inform them beforehand about your moving plans. For example, tell them about the new office location and the dates you will initiate the move.

A Checklist Goes a Long Way!

After calculating the expenses and informing your clients of the moving intent, you need to make a checklist. A checklist will help you to keep track of tasks you need to complete or items you need to pack. You can make this checklist on a digital device and share it on iCloud with your firm members, so they are updated regularly. You can also prioritize some tasks and leave others for a later time. In this way, it is easy to remember all the critical tasks. Remember to check items off your list as they are completed. Another list that can aid in your shifting is an inventory list. An inventory list keeps track of all the assets that your organization owns. For example, write all your office equipment and furniture on the list. Documenting your infrastructure will save precious time and result in a neat execution. In addition, having an inventory list and a checklist helps reduce confusion, stress, and expenses when moving.          

Pack It All Away!

The next step is to de-clutter your office space (you can read about de-cluttering in detail in our other blog). Now is the time to throw away all the unnecessary things. Remember that this is the opportunity to remove the extra stuff you do not need. The more organized and tidy you are, the more it will save you the hassle. You can throw away junk computers, old files, and devices that do not work. Have a meeting with your employees to instruct them through the process. Keep in mind to thoroughly go over the company possessions that you do not want. Moreover, always double-check everything to minimize the chances of errors so that you do not mistakenly throw away crucial documents! To pack the company belongings, you need cardboard boxes of varying sizes. First, buy basic packing supplies like bubble wrap, tape, scissors, and a machine labeler. It is advisable to label every box to keep track of things. It is easier this way to know where the essentials are.

Take Extra Care of IT Infrastructure

In this age of digitization, every company owns some IT Infrastructure. This company infrastructure includes routers, modems, data storage devices, hardware like computers, laptops, printers, phone lines, and more. Therefore, you need to take a backup of all the data beforehand. Often you lose some items during the move. Losing hardware and data inside it can be a profound loss. That is why it is vital to take precautions. Having a backup will come in handy here. Even if you lose the hardware during relocation, no disruption to the business will be made. However, it is still better to contact professional movers as they will have the right knowledge, skills, and experience to pack your IT infrastructure properly and safely.

Make Sure You Have Insurance

Insurance is one of the essential things you can have for your organization’s or business’s safety. For example, during office moving, you shift expensive assets and furniture. This heavy furniture involves desks, large conference tables, chairs, or bookshelves. Commercial insurance protects against any damage or liability that may occur during moving. This damage can occur to expensive goods during transportation, property, or to your company employees. You need to understand what insurance policies you can choose from carefully. Every policy offers different coverage opportunities. Also, pay close attention to the conditions that come with it. Finally, you need to be prepared for every worst-case scenario, and insurance will help if such a scenario occurs.

Hire Professional Movers

Now that you have packed the small belongings neatly, it is time for the big ones. Your office is bound to have large furniture, such as conference tables, chairs, and sofas, and delicate equipment, like photography cameras, lamps, or mini-refrigerators. It would be best to have the right equipment and expertise to load, transport, and unload these items. That is why you need to hire professionals. Choose professionals that fit your specifications. To achieve that, you can analyze their services, whether they have the proper apparatus, and whether their service charges are affordable. There are multiple advantages to hiring professionals for the job. For instance, expert movers will provide all the necessary machinery and transport vehicles. Moreover, you can trust them with confidential documents and files. The trained staff will make the time-consuming task considerably easy and efficient. Hence, why go through extra trouble when adept movers like MPR Movers make the job much easier?

MPR Movers Can Help You Move Your Plants

Moving Day is Finally here!

Endeavor to stay relaxed on the actual big day. This is the time to visit with ease and confidence. Now that you have packed everything and hired movers trust them with the work. They have the skills to load everything carefully and unload it at your new location. Just take a final look at the packed boxes, and walk through the checklists, and you are good to go! It can be a sad occasion for employers and employees to leave a space where they have worked and created many memories together. Allow yourself to embrace all the feelings gently and remember that new beginnings are close enough.

Post-Move Strategy

Now that you are in a new place, it is time for a fresh start. You can unpack yourself or ask your movers to do it. Stay with professional movers to guide them where you want your furniture. Make sure to test all the equipment, such as computers and refrigerators, to make sure everything is working fine. Post-move evaluation is necessary. Use the checklist again and tick off everything you have correctly checked. Check the functionality of lamps and TV screens also.  After you have successfully evaluated, set up all the utilities. Coordinate with a service provider immediately to set up devices before you open the business again. Make your employees feel welcome at the new place, as it can be emotionally straining for them to move to a new location.         

Inform Your Clients

The last step in this guide is a major one. Now that you are all settled, send professional emails to your clients. Inform them of your new office location with a written address. Then, once your space is operational, invite your loyal customers to come and visit.   


Hiring adept movers is one idea that can never go wrong. Staying stress-free on the day of moving is no longer a fantasy but a reality. From packing your belongings carefully to loading them onto trucks and unpacking at the destination with utmost care– MPR Movers does it all! You do not have to worry about the task with a trusted moving company such as MPR Movers. We have a great team of skilled workers who are professionally trained. We always prioritize the safety of your belongings. With our modern transport and lifting machinery, we make sure that your goods are in capable hands. Our staff members use top-of-the-line packing materials and techniques to transport the cargo safely. We are passionate about our customers and aspire to give them ultimate customer satisfaction. MPR Movers are reliable and affordable. We not only provide commercial but also residential moving services. Whatever the size or type of your move is, you can depend on us for the highest quality work with efficiency. Allow us to make your transition easier. A smooth move is just a phone call away, so contact us today and schedule your appointment.


The detailed 10-stage guide mentioned above reflects that office moving is challenging. It takes massive effort, patience, and organizational abilities. Compared to it, residential moving is straightforward. In some cases, you do not require much outside help with it. To have a successful office relocation, make sure you pre-plan costs, hire skillful movers, pack competently with labels, work with your employees, and opt for insurance. After moving, notify your clients with all the necessary details, such as timing, opening day, and address of the new office. The work does not end here. Once you unload all the items, check if they are functioning well. Make a list of anything broken or lost for insurance purposes later on. Moving does not have to be a hassle for you because MPR Movers make it an easy task. Why do it alone when you can have professionals at your doorstep? Contact us today for further inquiries!

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