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All You Need to Know About Full-Service Moves

Full-Service Moves - MPR Movers


A move is not merely about transportation of your goods from one place to another. It can entail a lot more. Professional Full-Service movers are the people who can handle all the tasks associated with your move so that you can sit back, relax, continue with your work, or use your time doing other more important things. 

Handling your move from start to finish; they can pack your household belongings, label them, load them onto the moving truck or container, transport your items to your new home, unload your belongings, and put them in their rightful places.

They will disassemble and reassemble furniture that is too large or unwieldy to be transported as is. They will also set up appliances and dispose of any packing junk you do not want to see left behind in your new home.

If you need short-term or long-term storage, they will provide a safe location for you to store your items until you are ready for them.

Packers and movers - MPR Movers

Engaging a full-service mover is a great solution for people who either are too busy to take on the enormous job of moving or cannot handle the tasks involved in moving on their own. It is certainly not the cheapest option but, if you or your employer can afford it, the amazing convenience it offers can be worth the price. Let’s first discuss what a Full-Service mover does for you.

The services a Full-Service mover offers include the following:

Providing Packing Materials and Supplies

Packing material - MPR Movers

A Full-Service mover will supply everything associated with your move such as boxes, packing tapes, paper, bubble wraps, furniture blankets, padding, and more. They will also provide specialized boxes to fit and secure items like TV, mirrors, paintings, etc.

Packing Your Items

Packing can be the most demanding and lengthy job involved in a move. Full-Service movers will pack your entire house or office for you with trained packers who can safely pack all your belongings in a fraction of the time it will take you to do it yourself. They are trained to take special care of your fragile and valuable items such as glass and decoration pieces and pack them securely to arrive unharmed at their destination.  If you have pieces of art or huge or oddly shaped items, your mover will also ensure these items are prepared and packed to be moved safely.

Junk Removal

A move offers you a great opportunity to stop carrying the stuff you no longer need or want. Here is our essay talking in detail about how you can downsize and clear the clutter; so your new home is bright, tidy, uncluttered, and beautiful. Full-service moving companies like MPR Movers also help you get rid of all those items you choose to part with. They are the professionals who know how to properly donate, dispose, or recycle your junk. 

Junk Removal - MPR Movers

Disassembling Furniture

Disassembling Furniture - MPR Movers

Much of your furniture, especially large or heavy items, need to be dismantled to be transported safely. Full-Service movers know to disassemble the items partially or fully as required as they have the expertise to discern which pieces they will be able to maneuver through your doors, and which need to be taken apart. They are the professionals with the right tools to do it and to keep track of screws, nuts, bolts, and parts for each piece, including which one goes where. 

Specialty Item Moving

If you have very large, specialized, or unwieldy items to be moved, full-service movers can help you. In addition to packing, moving, and unpacking your usual stuff, they will help you move items like pool tables, grand pianos, huge chandeliers, very large mirrors and paintings, big statues, and other unusual and valuable belongings that you may have. It requires special expertise and planning to get these items safely to your new location.  

Truck Loading

After packing up your home, movers will load everything -including boxes, furniture, appliances, and all other items- safely on the truck.

truck loading - MPR Movers


If you need to store your goods for some reason, a full-service mover can help you with that. Here are some of the factors to consider when you look at the storage option.

Flexibility Keep an eye on how flexible your storage terms are. A flexible rental plan can adjust to your needs. Similarly, downsizing or upsizing your plan along the way may be an option you need.  

Security Make sure your goods are stored in a secure environment. Ask the company about their track record for safety. Find out about their security policies. Make sure that the facility is well lit and protected. 

Accessibility It is important to ensure that the place where your goods are stored is accessible to you. Check with the company how and during which timings you can access the space. 


Whether you are moving across the street, across the country, or across the world; your full-Service mover will know to get your belongings to where you are moving. 

Truck or Container Unloading

When your stuff arrives on the other end, your full-service mover will unload everything for you. You will be provided with a delivery window within which your stuff will arrive so that you know when to expect your shipment. 


Your things may have arrived at your new place, but the job of moving is far from done. Full-Service movers do not just pack your stuff, they will carefully unpack everything for you. While you are busy settling in or handling your work in a new place, your movers will make sure that everything is unpacked and put in the room where it is supposed to go.  

Unpacking - MPR Movers

Reassembling Furniture

Your full-service mover will not just help you to empty all your boxes, they will reassemble your furniture in the right rooms in your new house. 

Removal of Packing Materials

A move can bring in its wake dozens or hundreds of cardboard boxes that need to be recycled, as well as other materials that need to be properly disposed. Your Full-Service movers will make sure that the mess you are left with after unpacking is completely removed from your premises and gets disposed of in the correct manner.

Simply put, almost any task that is a part of your move can be handled by a full-service mover. You can work with a professional mover and figure out -based on your time, willingness, and budget- what tasks you would like them to handle and what you can handle on your own.


Of course, the more tasks you get a moving company to do for you the more it will cost you to hire them. Generally speaking, your final price will depend on the following factors:

💠 The tasks you want the movers to do for you 
💠 The volume and weight of the stuff you have 
💠 The type of stuff you are moving, including bulky or specialty items 
💠 The approach and ease of the place from where your stuff needs to be packed and picked
💠 Any specific requirements or complexity of the job
💠 The mode of transport
💠 The volume of trade and goods movement from and to your destination
💠 The distance you are moving
💠 The number of movers you require
💠 The packing material involved
💠 The time of the year, month, and week
💠 The type of insurance cover you want

Make sure you get estimates from at least three moving companies you have shortlisted. This will help you compare prices and services to analyze the value offered for money by each of them. You can thus make an informed decision. You can also take on some of the tasks yourself to reduce the price. 


Professional movers will provide you with a clear idea of how long it will take from start to finish. The main components of the timetable are:


To start with the moving company will send someone to your home to get an idea of the stuff you want to move and the layout of and approach to your place. This will help them draw up an estimate for you. It may take a few days from the time you call to this walk-through appointment. Receiving a quote from a moving company should not take longer than two to three days after their visit or after you have provided them with a general inventory of all your belongings and have answered all their questions. It can take a little longer though, in the peak moving season.


Professional movers will disassemble your furniture and pack your stuff much faster than you will. A three-bedroom house will take movers about 5-6 hours to completely pack up. 

Loading and Unloading

Loading a 20-foot truck or container should not take two movers more than two hours. Unloading also takes about the same amount of time. Loading and unloading are, in fact, two of the simpler tasks of the moving process. 


This is the most variable item in moving. It depends on distance, mode of transport, availability of carrier and several other factors. 


Unpacking properly takes about the same length of time as packing the same material did.

If it is a local move, for most apartments, the packing and moving can be done in one or two days. But for larger homes, it can take a few days for each. It may seem excessive but having a professionally trained crew handling your precious belongings with care takes some time.

The time it takes to complete a move can differ by season too. In the summer months when movers are working at their highest capacity, delivery times are longer. During the fall and winter when there is less moving activity, they are shorter.


We have already explained this in an essay, which talks in detail about the whole process of doing the research, shortlisting, discussing, and then selecting a mover for you. It is important for you to communicate directly with moving companies so that you can explain your individual needs and expectations to them. Based on that they come up with the best solution for your move. Select a company that offers exactly what you are looking for. Full-Service movers are a point of reference in the moving industry and can be well worth the cost if you can afford it. Here are some tips that can help you in searching for a reputable moving company.

Verify the physical location In addition to a website, a reputable moving company must have a physical address. If a company claims to be a full-service mover and does not have a physical office, be skeptical.

Check the reviews Make sure to read the reviews available on the moving companies that you are considering.

Confirm professional credentials A reputable moving should be registered with a professional association.

Pricing Their pricing should be straightforward and understandable, eliminating the possibility of any hidden charges. The amount, of course, depends on the nature and size of your move but the structure should be clear with a thorough breakdown of all costs involved.

Mode of payment Steer clear of any moving company that insists on cash payment only because scammers are also known to do it. Good moving companies will accept most, if not all, authentic payment methods available. While it is normal to pay an agreed percentage of the quoted amount as a deposit, never pay the full amount before moving.

All your queries answered Professional moving companies will not hesitate to answer any of your moving-related questions. If a moving company is vague or evasive in answering your questions, that is a red flag.


Hiring full-service movers is a convenient way to get your move over as soon as possible. They do all the work, leaving you time to focus on settling into your new place. Here are some of the simple things that you can do to make your relocation easy and smooth. 

Create An Inventory List

The first thing you need to do is to prepare a list of all the items that you need moved. Having an inventory list makes it easier for your movers, and it also helps you to keep track of all your belongings being moved. You can find and download for free a printable inventory list from the internet. 

Inventory list - MPR Movers

Identify Any Items You Would Like to Pack Yourself

There are a few things you would probably like to handle yourself even in a full-service move. These can be essential items such as a change of clothes, toiletries, chargers, etc., which you can place in a bag and keep it handy to make sure you have access to these items when you need them. Also, precious jewelry, important documentation, watches, and other highly valuable items, etc. should preferably not be packed by your movers. You should pack these items personally. 

Items to pack - MPR Movers


Getting rid of unnecessary stuff will help reduce your moving costs. Before the packing of your belongings, we recommend that you review all your belongings with an intent of getting rid of what you do not need anymore. Here is our essay that explains how you can declutter to simplify your move and your life. 

Things to Do Before Your Movers Arrive

Here are a few tips to make things a little more manageable before your movers arrive. 

Clear out wires and cords It would be convenient for your moves if you clear your place of any wires and cords. You can do this by wrapping your wires and matching devices. That will make it easier for the movers to move these items and will also reduce any risk of injury.

Unplug Appliances Remember to defrost your fridge about 24 hours before you intend to move it. Also, unplug other appliances before the movers start. Do not forget to switch off the water supply to appliances like dishwashers or washing machines. Disconnect the gas supply to any item being moved.

Clean out the walls Leave your walls as bare as you can before the movers arrive.

Give away food Give away any perishable food that you will not be able to consume before you leave.

Verify dimensions To eliminate any last-minute hassles, and especially if the movers did not visit the site before signing up for the job, make sure that there are no doorways or passages that are too small for your stuff. Get your tape measure and measure all passages and doorways. Then measure your largest items and compare. This leaves you with enough time to think of a solution to any potential problem, sometimes the difference can only be a matter of removing trim or a door from the hinge.

Remove temporary floor coverings Ensure that all loose carpets and rugs are removed before movers have to move furniture and heavy items.

Arrange your insurance Make sure you have the insurance you desire for any damage or loss during your move. Most moving companies offer some moving insurance as a service, but we recommend that you purchase additional moving insurance. Movers generally offer Replacement Value Protection, which is quite an insufficient cover for high-value items. Arrange additional insurance on your own or speak to your moving company to secure additional cover through them.

Be Around

It makes sense for you to be around to supervise and ensure all your valuables are packaged and packed to avoid any loss or damage. Theft of tiny valuables is also a risk as it takes just one unsupervised moment for one out of many individuals to be dishonest. Professional movers are hardworking fellows, it will not hurt you to show them some courtesy by offering them some drinks and snacks.


There is a lot to consider, and it is a huge job regardless of if you envisage a local or long-distance move. Let’s briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of full-service moving companies.

Condo moving - MPR Movers

Advantages of hiring full-service movers

It saves you time Moving takes a lot of time. One of the biggest advantages of hiring professional movers is the time they save you. They not only free you up for your usual commitments but are also much faster than you and all your friends can be.

It saves you stress Moving involves a lot of stress. That is often the biggest reason people choose to hire professional movers instead.

It protects your belongings Professional packing is a lot more secure than what you can manage on your own. You can be sure that all your belongings are securely packed and transported to your new place.

It is more efficient In addition to being faster and safer, professional packing will mean that your stuff is packed and transported taking as little space as possible.

It is an all-in-one service Full-service movers cover every aspect of your move, from packing to loading, offloading, unpacking, and more. It leaves you with very little to do for your move.

It can save you money Using a full-service mover is likely to be less expensive than using several suppliers for different steps involved. That is because you will effectively get bulk rates for your services and go more directly to suppliers. Sure, doing everything entirely on your own might save you some money. But if you cannot do that then using a full-service moving service will likely provide better value for your expense and time than using several different suppliers for your move.

Disadvantages of hiring full-service movers

It is more expensive Full-service moving companies can be expensive when they do everything for you. Of course, this is entirely dependent on the size and nature of your move, but, with some savvy, you can cut down costs and save on what you spend on your move.

It needs you to commit to a schedule To varying extents, depending on the season of your move, you will need to schedule your time according to the schedule of your movers. It is better to schedule your move in advance to allow yourself time to juggle things around on your side.

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